Styled Japanese Black Pine (Literati Future)

Newly styled JBP, looking for a future Literati style. Plan to allow the top leader to grow to thicken the main trunk. Can this go back into full sun? Fertilize in three weeks? How does one develop nebari?

Might i suggest continuing to bend the top portion back to the right and upwards. Literati tend to be taller and more slender, the extra change of direction will complete the abrupt original change giving a better flow in my opinion.
The nebari will develop with proper repotting techniques over time as one selects roots to retain and spreads them out as desired over time.
Check your wire beginning in three weeks then weekly thereafter to ensure it does not bite in to much. Seedlings grow very quickly at this stage.
It is important to begin wiring the trunk at this
stage , good planning on your part.

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