Styling a Yamadori Sabina Juniper with extensive male cones


I just acquired a Yamadori Sabina Juniper and I am intending to style it in the next future. However, 80% of the tree show male cones which are dry and fall down as it is disturbed.

As I am planning to heavily style the tree soon, I have a few questions:

  • Will the stem of the cones dry back?
  • Should I wait the cones are naturally gone to style the tree?
  • Should I cut back the branches with cones?

I any case, I would greatly appreciate advices on flowering junipers!


Although I don’t have specific information about sabina junipers, in general, many cones means the tree has gone though a stressful period. I would wait until the tree has lots of healthy growth tips before style. If most of the foliage is covered with flowers, it might be worth waiting until you see better signs of vigor before further stressing the tree through styling.

I’d also check with whoever you purchased the tree from as they might have more info about sabina junipers specifically.

Thanks Jonas for the advice. The tree is growing lots of new shoots and seems to be healthy but its probably the right call to delay the styling.
I didn’t know flowers could be a sign of a stressed tree. And the previous owner of the tree has not been very responsive.
I have been surprised by the lack of info about flowering bonsai junipers. Do you have experience in other juniper species flowering habits? And actions?

I don’t no more than the basic idea that flowers can be a sign of stress, likely, in your case, stress from the previous owner. On occasion I’ve seen trees that flower a lot from year to year, but in most cases the flowering eases off once the tree gets roots established in good soil and new shoots start elongating. I’d base the decision of whether or not to style on how many healthy shoots you have on the tree.

As for how to get the tree healthy, it’s pretty straightforward for junipers. Sunshine, careful watering, and moderate fertilizer usually do the trick.