Styling Turntable New Version

(Frank Corrigan) #1

Styling turntable for top of my hydraulic cart.
This combination allows me to adjust on two planes for best selection of rough front and planting angle on new material.

(Jonas Dupuich) #2

That’s cool! I like that it’s such a simple design. Will look forward to hearing how you like using it.

(Frank Corrigan) #3

Thanks, me too, i will be working on a collected hemlock this week that is a bit larger. Will see how the table works. For the time being i will use bungee’s for tie downs and my old school eraser for the locking mechanism. The bungee’s will allow me to secure the tree to the table and the table to the hydraulic cart without installing specific tie down points on both the table and the cart.

(Les Lonsdale) #4

Great idea, Frank! Very ingenious!

(Frank Corrigan) #5

Thanks, worked with it for a couple of hours yesterday and it seems very effective so far. The larger diameter turntable is a big plus for my heavier trees. Today i am just using it to do the wiring on my twin trunk hemlock and it is making the job easier. I have to remember to align myself with the branch to make the wireing easier. So when working pairs with the same size wire the turntable helps to go back and forth after beginning anchor and switching sides, then back to the other branch. Saves walking around or lifting and shifting.

(Les Lonsdale) #6

But is it an actual ‘turn-table’?, that is, does it turn or swivel?

(Frank Corrigan) #7

LOL For clarification the lazy Susan bearings are located between the two bottom layers. So it turns on a flat rotational axis. As in the old school record turn table for 78 rpm and 45 rpm back in the days before digital wifi and cell phones!