Swamp Cypress can we grow it in water as a bonsai plant

With regard the Swamp Cypress, as the tree grows in water naturally, can we grow the plant in water as a bonsai, I would be interested in any comments on this subject

I’ve seen people set the pot in a tray of water during the summer months, but I haven’t worked with them enough to know whether it helps or how many months of the year the trees want that much water.

My first thought would be how to secure for display if that method works. definitely would need a new style of Bonsai pot.
From information posted, many seem to submerse in water for periods of time to mimic flood conditions for seasonal fluctuation in natural habitat. This seems to be primarily after collection and during development!

I grow them in 5 gallon Home Depot cans
In mud like soil full of water it makes the trunks fat with knees close to the trunk.