Thank you, Frank

(Bruce Williams) #1

Because you took the time to share how you use a salon chair to create an adjustable bonsai work table, there are two hobbyists in the Seattle area who now have their own work tables.
I found my chair on Craigslist. There were two. I bought one for $20 US. I told my friend in the club and it inspired him to build one also.
Every part of my table is recycled material except the bolts and screws. The support wood is from old pallets. The top is from an old 30 inch painting turntable cut to 22 inches.
The surface may look a little odd. It’s the buildup of over 10 years of paint, varnish, shellac and urethane from spraying furniture. The effect on the surface is similar to applying a coat of urethane and then sprinkling sand over the entire surface. It’s a non-slip surface.
I will tilt pots with blocks and bungee cords for now but, I do know how to add a tilt device if necessary.

I hope my posting this will inspire someone to just do it, as you inspired me.
Thank you, Frank

(Raymond Mack) #2

You can also use old bar stools, just remove the upholstered top and back. They are not adjustable but usable, cheap and the right height to use when seated.

(Paul) #3

I have used rotating bar stools for about 10 years now. Buy them at 2nd hand stores. they can last from 3 to 5 years.