The word Jita & carved Daiza

(Tim Shea ) #1

I recently came across a term that apparently describes small “natural” edge wood/burl slabs, like I make & sell. The word is “Jita” can you please help with a proper Japanese definition? Is there another Japanese word that describes Carved Daiza? pix included

I will be posting a few pix of the new Daiza by a master carver from Bali & a link to my website with his real ART. Some of the Daiza that I commissioned from him will also be 4sale there soon ;o) I can be contacted with the data provided there,… Or

Sincerely Tim Shea

(Jonas Dupuich) #2

Thanks for sharing Tim. I think of daiza (題材) as pedestal and jita as tongue, as it usually refers to small slabs, but I’m not sure about the latter.