This pot with this tree?

(Jeremiah Lee ) #1

Just wondering what you think about this Ume with this pot?

(Jonas Dupuich) #2

Great pot. I wonder if it’ll be a bit strong - both the tree and the pot have strong, straight lines. If it’s thin enough in relation to the trunk it might be a good fit. I like the glaze.

(Jeremiah Lee ) #3

Thanks for the reply Jonas. Originally I was thinking an oval would be a good fit for this tree. I told myself I would not buy any more pots unless I had a tree for the pot. However, I saw this one for sale and thought Hmmm… Maybe I can find something for this. A couple more questions-Do you prefer glazed or unglazed for Ume? Also, my tree is relatively young and does not have old bark yet, does this mean that for the time being a glazed pot is a better fit? thanks!

(Jonas Dupuich) #4

So I just flipped through two recent kokufu books to see how the ume were potted and to see where namako pots showed up. Ume were mostly in oval, round, or rectangular pots. None were particularly shallow.

They were fairly equally glazed or unglazed, depending on the character of the tree. Large, strong, old ume were often in unglazed ovals or rectangles. Some interesting specimens were in round or square pots - which could also work for semi-cascade trees.

The namako pot you posted would be perfect for azalea, as well as some other broadleaf evergreens, plus a number of deciduous trees if you had the right specimen. Peter Tea’s article on them is awesome ( am sure you’ve seen it):

btw, check out p 161 of Kokufu 86 for a shot of an ume that slants to the left like your tree.

(mac4) #5

The pot asked about doesn’t have a lip. The example from Kokufu book does have a lip. I think that makes a difference in the way the particular tree will look. I really don’t think the pot in the original post matches the tree very well.

Don’t like the oval it is currently in and would suggest looking a what I think they call a “lotus” shape. It has four lobes, a lip and groves around the sides. Somewhat like this one:

But this one has more than four lobes or scallops.

(mac4) #6

This is the same tree a few years later and in the SE Bonsai Exhibition. The pot in this case has been oiled for display and you can see the details better.

(Alex Voorhies) #7

I am a huge fan of Ume, yours is looking great. I really like unglazed pots on old rugged Ume, but I am a fan of cream glazed pots for younger Ume. Since the bark even when young is dark, lighter glazes feel nice to me.

The pot is great though, I would think anything with light colored bark would look wonderful in it.