Timing for repotting Chinese Elm

I would like to understand the timing of the fall repotting chinese quince . It is said often that this way we decrease risk of parasitic illness, but I can not find specific suggestions about timing.Should it happen soon and at the end of summer dormancy, or after leaves lose their activity?
Have a little collection, but would prefer to make educated decision.
Big thanks for sharing knowledge and experience?


Good question Mira - I’m not familiar with repotting elms in summer. Some species, like dwarf quince are sometimes repotted in summer to theoretically avoid infection by nematodes that can cause crown gall. The repotting is accompanied by drenching the rootball in something like Zerotol that can knock down the nematode population.

Most of the Chinese elms I know of are repotted in early spring at the end of winter. If you have concerns about nematodes or other pests, you can treat for them during the growing season.

And if you can point us to a reference that suggestions repotting elms in summer we’d be happy to take a look!