To Decandle or Not

Follow up on this topic posted here:

Hi Jonas,
This is the same tree since the last post. I sprayed it with daconil for winter storage and this is what it looks like now. I have sprayed it with daconil again last month when the needles started to emerge. Notice that most of last year needles have browned and/or fallen off, leaving the tree with mostly this year candles/needles. My concern now is whether I should decandle the tree, given that there would not be much left after that, or I should leave it alone this year to see if the new needles will remain green to next year. Is it suffering from something?


I am trying to figure out how to attach a picture. Hang on

Good catch - I typically hesitate to decandle when there’s so little foliage from the previous season. I’d keep spraying - it looks like’s working! - to prevent the new foliage from becoming infected, and let the tree recover this year so you can get back to decandling next year.