Tom Thumb Cotoneaster Shohin/Mame

I got this little guy at the beginning of spring this year from Tsugawa Nursery in Woodland Washington. The tiny tree had so much movement and looked like a full sized tree in it’s tiny little pot. I immediately thought of a piece of petrified wood I had at home. About two weeks after I got the tree I found the pot and created this planting. The pot is not traditional but I like the way it looks. It has been growing healthy and has been doing really well. I have trimmed it a couple of times. I just watched a couple of videos about Shohin and Mame and am thinking of developing a display with this little guy as one of the candidates. Should I find a more traditional pot for it?

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Cool little tree. I would consider the movement of the tree in relation to the rock. Does one complement the other? Is there some characteristic or movement that creates a unity in the format?
I kinda like the pot, has a lot of character on its own.