Too late to decandle a Japanese black pine in zone 7?

I have a fairly mature approximately 30 yrs old…I have been decandling it for about 8 years but never this late in the season.
Is it dangerous to do it this late or should I skip a season…?

Hi Steve,
It’s a very tricky question but yes. Most likely you will get bud sets for next year but not secondary growth. The remaining season might be a little too short for anything and too stressful for the tree itself but that’s okay. It looks like you will have a great time working on the tree in the fall and on the positive side, leaving it will help thicken the tree.
On the scary side of decandling late is that you might not get anything at all.

I’m with Sely. You could decandle now and get new growth, providing you’ve been feeding lots and will get more heat this season, but the new growth won’t be as strong as it would have been, and you may just get buds.

The spring growth doesn’t look too vigorous so I see no harm in waiting. Keep feeding through the end of the growing season, do the fall work and the tree should be in great shape for next year.

I am in Africa Southern hemisphere. Lowest temperatures are 7 degrees C above freezing point. I brought my pines from Japan (northern hemisphere) and first year I just tried to let them acclimatize. The year after I started decandling.
My problem is. In the southern hemisphere we decandle Dec. But my trees are behaving very strangely. They grow when they feel like and are dormant also not as per any hemisphere, but in between. I have been just watching the candles and decandling as when the needles have extended and begin hardening. So far two years of decandling.
Any advise as to how to solve this problem?

My biggest problem now is when to repot? With this cycle of growth, I am totally confused when to repot. Any signs I should follow or what should be my guidance for repotting them?

The first thing that comes to mind would be to try and find someone who has experience with pines in your area. I know that in warmer places like Hawaii or Florida the growing season is longer - people in these areas might also have suggestions.

The best time to repot is towards the end of the dormant period, just before new buds open. Since it doesn’t get too cold where you are, the best time might be the coolest month of the year.