Torulosa Juniper

Can a Torulosa Juniper be too pruned slightly to direct growth to lower branches? Zone 9

Junipers will need a reason to invest in foliage on lower branches - letting them run, ensuring they get good light and pruning elsewhere are common approaches to achieving this.

Can you say more about what are you trying to do?

The idea is to gradually reduce the leaders and develop the lower portion of the tree. Eventually compacting the tree and getting it ready for life in a container.

Makes sense - cutting where you’ve indicated will help the lower branches gain vigor. I always leave some of the healthy shoots as cutting below all of them can stress the tree.

Any plans to introduce movement to the lower trunk?

The trunk has a little movement already, I was planning to plant at an angle to give more movement. The trunk is rather thick, im not sure which technique to use to give it any heavy bends. I have not ventured into large bends yet on any of my trees yet.

You might consider building a tree from the second Branch on the right, That enhances the lower movement and gives you a younger branch to wire and shape!
Lots of time to think about that as you develop more branching and foliage towards the lower portion and the interior.