Tourniquet Air Layering

I am trying air layering for the first time; this is on a small Juniper. I decided to try it using the Tourniquet method, using a single wire to cut off the nutrients flow.
A few questions:

  1. Is it best to cut/score a ring where the wire will cut in or just tighten the wire so it cuts in ?
  2. after applying the rooting hormone and “bandaging” up the moss with clear plastic, how best to water the moss? Is it ok to untie the plastic, spray the moss, and re-tie ? I am not sure if this will continually disturb the (hopefully) new root growth.

Thanks for any insights

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First off i have to admit that i have not used the tourniquet method for air layering, i alwats use the method of cutting a ring around the stem and removing the outer layer.
However, i can conribute an easy way to keep the moisture levels up during the process. i use a simple hypodermic syringe to poke a small hole in the plastic and add water when needed.
My guage is to watch the condensation on the inside of the plastic, when it begins to dissapear( no little water droplets) i add more.

Thanks Frank.
Using a hypodermic needle to add water sounds pretty straightforward and low impact.
I’ll find where to get one and give it a try.
Thanks for the idea.