Training red pine


I have a Japanese red pine that I would like to start a black/red pine training program as described by the July 22, 2016 article by Jonas Dupuich.

My question is when should I start and at what point in the training process should I begin at?

I let the red pine grow a bit this past season to build up some energy for the new training.

I live in West-Central Michigan in zone 5b

The size of the red pine is: 13" high, 17" wide, 15" deep

The tree was repotted in 2019 April in the 8" square pot in Clay King soil.

I have never used this training process before as most of my conifers are white pine.

Any tips or help would be greatly appreciated moving forward.

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The tree looks fairly healthy. If the buds are strong, you can start with the decandling next year. Here’s the basic outline:

The first step will doing some pruning and needle thinning in fall.
Next, you can wire the main branches.
You can let the tree grow in spring and look to decandle at the end of spring next year.

Applying a fertilizer now and again in spring will help prepare the tree for decandling next year.

Thanks for your help Jonas, much appreciated!