Transplant Black Pines or Not

(Mauricio Santinelli) #1

I have 5 black pines, from seed, in peat moss pellets, I do not know whether to transplant them to individual pots or leave them like this until next year, what do you recommend? Thanks a lot!


(Jonas Dupuich) #2

I’d repot if it’s hard to water the seedlings properly. With small peat pellets, the seedlings can dry out quickly on warm days and stay pretty wet when it’s cool outside.

Although it’s best to repot seedlings when they’re dormant, you can carefully repot them now into a soil mix similar to the basic lava, pumice, akadama mix.

If you’re curious about the difference, feel free to repot some now and others when they go dormant.

(Mauricio Santinelli) #3

Hi Jonas,

Thanks for your response.