Transplanting new JBP seedlings?

Hi all!

Complete beginner here, managed to propagate four JBP seeds in small seed starters a week or so ago and they are already ~1.5-2" tall. They’re currently planted a little too close together and in just the seedling pot, so I’m wondering if/when I should transplant them to a larger pot, potentially a larger terra cotta pot for all four of them for the first year so they can develop their tap roots.

Any advice or suggestions would be welcome! I don’t want to transplant them too early and risk killing them, but I think they’ll be happier in a larger pot with drainage, bonsai soil and sand (per this post).

Looks good - I’d let them get rooted in better before transplanting them. I wouldn’t recommend making seedling cuttings - simply stepping the pines up into a larger container with good soil should do the trick. I’d do this either in fall or in the case that the seedlings get pretty big and start drying out quickly.

Are you are keeping these outdoors? That’s where they’re happiest.