Trident Maple die back

I live in zone 6 with cold winters to zero and hot summers to 100 F. I have 2 four year old Tridents growing in the ground, and several 1-2 year old seedlings in 1 gallon pots. They grow great during the year but in early spring I see branches that have died back on all of the trees. I mulch with a thick layer of leaves in fall and protect as best I can from wind. Or could the die back be from a spring frost after the buds start to push? Do others experience this with trident maples? None of the other species of maples in my garden ever experience die back, just the tridents.

I live in Zone 8b and find that my tridents dieback occasionally as well. I attribute it to frost after the leaves have just started to open and or strong winds on colder winter days. The areas most affected appear to be the newest growth on the apex or newest growth on the longest extensions.
On the positive side, they recover quickly and branches are usually easy to replace or reshape on tridents. The problem seems to be primarily with young fast growing developing Tridents.
Not so much with older trees where i am restricting the growth.

Thank you for sharing your experience. I’m glad that you find die back to be less on older trees and you’re right, they do seem to recover.