Trident Maple Question

Recently aqruired a trident maple ™.

I live in zone 9b, northern San Diego.

Temps been mid 60’s…

Trying to insure not to overwater I am using a “moisture” meter… I realize it’s just a tool. But it helps as a visual reminder for me. I don’t Just solely rely on it.

My other TM and Japanese Maple (JM) seem to be fine.

The TM in question was repotted last spring '17. Using akadama and pumice.

During the day it’s seems that it’s leaves seem to “perk up” and at night they seem to become more “limp”…

Any help comments, suggestions and or directions to read and become better educated would be greatly appreciated!

Based on your comments. The tree was recently acquired and is responding differently that your other TM. The mix is Akadama and pumice. No reference as to balance of akadama to pumice.
The tree seems better during the day and worse in the nighttime.
Therefore, i would suggest the mix is too dry for your climate and or the repotting has set the tree back considerably and it is having trouble taking in the amount of water needed.

  1. Try shredding sphagnum moss and using that as a cover to preserve moisture for longer period. If that shows improvement then your mix is too dry. Could be proportion of pumice to akadama or could be too large a particle size.
  2. Try a location that is more protected with less direct sunlight. It is possible that a more shaded protected area will help.
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Hi Frank
The TM was potted in the following,
The BOTTOM of the pot used

  • 4 parts Akadama, don’t know the size
  • 6 pumice
    The TOP, I think he meant the surface “dressing”
  • 5 Akadama
  • 5 Pumice

Thank you for the Sphagnum moss suggestion. It’s funny I was just creating some for my Bald Cypresses (BC) that I recently received! So I’ll be sure to apply some to this TM too.

Question, at what point doesn’t it become too late repot this year into new soil?

I must say it is exciting to see that the friendships and sharing of Bonsai knowledge is just as great on the Bonsai forum boards as it is on the Koi forum Boards.

Thank you for helping me further my education. Any suggested reading would be further appreciated or places or seminars to attend too.

I would not suggest a repot at this time. You have stated it was repotted a year ago and it has pushed a lot of new growth already.
The best route at this stage would be to ensure the proper watering practices and avoid too much direct sun and wind.If you are looking for a good basic written resource one of my favourites is Bonsai " techniques,styles and display ideas" by Peter Warren. Published 2014.
Best of luck with the Trident.

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