Trident seedlings

(Atom) #1

Planted this year, should I start throwing wire on now or wait a little longer? And would it be ok to plant them individually at this point and cut part of the tap root (since they are still so young)

(Jonas Dupuich) #2

Wire now or wait until fall. Or do some of each to see how they come out.

You can try repotting a few, maybe with and without defoliating - and with and without cutting the roots - to see which approach works best. In general I try to avoid repotting little tridents during the growing season so I can get as much growth as possible.

Now’s a good time to try making some seedling-cuttings too.

(Atom) #3

Oh good idea, I will try and take pics and share

(Atom) #4

So decided to try on a few, and came to the conclusion that it is to early, very delicate stems to wire. I was able to wire a few with 1mm and did tap root cut. Will see if any difference is achevied