Two trees rescued from site

Hi All.

I got these two beauties out before the diggers came in to begin ground works. they were in very dry soil, in the shelter of other trees. I potted them up retaining as much of the original soil as possible. It was fairly loose and free draining. I added some sieved perlite, acadama, and compost to the pots.

Any pointers. Should I put them back in the ground?

Thank you

If you want the trunks bigger, then they can go back in the ground. If you like the trunks as they are, you can start refining the trees once they root into to their new containers.

Thanks for that Jonas. I will leave them till spring to give them a chance to settle into pots.

I would wait at least a year from next spring and not do anything til spring of 2019. They did not get the best start if dug in August,

Just going to let them sit. Had no choice but to lift them. Got them into pots that day. Going to leave them settle in for a year. Thanks Raymond.