Ume ramification

I recently acquired an ume, great old bark. I’m curious as to how I can create ramification. It has leafed out & is healthy. I’m in SoCal.
Thank you!

I have not worked with Ume for long. mostly propagation and younger stock. My research indicates that ramification must start with early pruning of new growth. Also that one of the drawbacks of Ume is the need to graft interior growth over time to ensure interior branching remains viable! Perhaps those who have maintained older Ume could elaborate on the above or add specific suggestions. I love the flowers of Ume and the scent is very delicate. Here is a couple of pictures of this springs flowers. Variety is Kobai and Matsubara Red.


I find I can get ramification if I let shoots grow for a few nodes and then cut back to one or two nodes (I usually do this in May/June), but I don’t often get flower buds on those branches.

Here are some photos:

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