Ume-What's it worth? Do you like?

(Jeremiah Lee ) #1

This tree caught my attention the other day and is currently being auctioned on Facebook. I’m just curious what you guys think of the tree? What do you like and dislike about it? Also, what do you think the retail price would be in the US and in Japan? Maybe say this tree was for sale at the GSBF convention and the Kokufu Green club? Do you think this was an import or US grown? What would you do with it if you purchased it?

I would not mind owning this tree at all and considered placing a bid. It’s a bit hard to tell what everything looks like with moss covering some of the trunk. I really like the rapid taper and fat base of the tree. I agree with the seller that with a better pot, some carving and flowers this would be a sexy little tree. I also think that if the seller sold this tree using a picture of it in while in flower it may have gone for more. It seems that trees in full flower are sold at a higher rate than those not in flower. I’d guess that it’s imported, but I guess you never know for sure.

(eric) #2

Hard to be certain of the size, which has a large impact on value. I think it’s pretty darn good…although I like ume that are rotten and hollow.

Say it’s a 12" tall tree, I’d say $600 easy. Just a guess though, value also depends on location etc.

(Jeremiah Lee ) #3

Yes, I agree about ume with rotten and hollow features and really old bark. Rotten, hollow, jin, shari, old bark and flowers would be on my ideal Ume, which this tree does not really have any of that yet. It’s kind of got a sumo/baby got base/rapid taper feel to it, which I have not seen very often with ume. Pretty cool tree, it’s currently going for $700 I believe. Thanks Eric

(Jonas Dupuich) #4

Very good question. At a glance the tree has some really cool features - fast taper, good basic ramification and lots of options for future development. The tree also looks healthy.

As you and Eric both point out, what the three doesn’t have are typical ume characteristics, particularly good deadwood. Plus, fast taper is more typically seen on conifers. Is it always a plus for deciduous trees to have fast taper?

The big question, were you to spring for this, is what your plan might be for the tree. If your imagined future for the tree is in line with what you think awesome ume bonsai can be, then go for it.

(John) #5

I always wonder what all the moss is hiding. I am just a curious person.
Someone asked about size. I think that is a good comment…impacts what the tree is worth to me. Nice looking tree material though.