Unhappy japanese maple seedlings

Hi all! I’ve got these 9 maple seedlings, which i have purchased and had delivered in in an attempt to make a small maple forrest. When i recieved them (in a box) they seemed in good shape, but less so now. I’ve had them located in shadow since i got them, first under the staging in my shaded green house… (its not a regular greenhouse its partially shaded by the three next to it but gets enough light for plants) and also outside on the ground next to three - still shaded. now i’ve moved them back inside the green house on top of the staging to try and keep the from getting insect bits and simply because they seemed to be getting worse in that location. What am i doing wrong?

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Were the seedlings in pots when you received them? Am curious what shape the roots were in when they arrived.

As for the damage, it looks like several things are going on. Some look good, some look weak, and others look beat up or dried out. The last one before the greenhouse pics doesn’t look great.

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Ye i recieved them in these pots actually. On the 11th of July. But i’m unsure if i’m the one doing something wrong?. The first one is drooping so maybe to wet? 3rd i can’t tell the health of. It could have been like that when I got it. And yes the last one is completly off! I’m wondering if i should ask for few new replacements? I paid 30 pounds plus 8 pound delivery for the 9 of them so not cheap in my opinion. But i wanted to make sure i wasn’t the one doing something wrong?

I’m a n00b… but, it could be from shipping it during middle of summer. Summer is the worst time to ship plants, if I’m not mistaken. Hot weather + inside a hot box = wilting.

Some of my cuttings in my mini-greenhouse (under shade too) start to wilt when it becomes +90ºF… then perk up again once it cools down.

I actually ordered a couple small Ume and Chaenomeles last Spring… but they won’t be shipped until Fall because summer is bad to ship.

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That quick a change is likely due to conditions during shipping. I would talk to the supplier, inquire as to the process and time involved for the shipment.


My beni hime 2’ by 2’ arrived dead(doa). Shipped at the height of summer. Bad juju.

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nice little greenhouse

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