Update on pinus nigra and decandling

Hi all

Little update of progress of my black pine

Tree was de-candled and shortened long old needles around 2 weeks ago. Didnt take photos yet but in some places new buds showed up.



Ps. Jonas could you move part of this topic to shares section?

Thanks for starting this thread Mateusz. I have learned so much from this! I just bought a couple of Mugo pines this year and decandled and wired them. I left ample branches for future development but now I think I might need to selectively remove a couple. What a great tree you have going there!

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Just want to show how tree respond on de-candling. New buds just start showing on branches.
It just beginning :laughing:


looking good, the picture shows a bit of wire that might be getting too tight in a few places. Came to mind because i spent most of the day removing wire from JBP that i had wired up new apex’s on this spring.
thanks for posting.