Urban yamadori - flaky juniper

Hi all

I’d like to share with you my another juniper from my small (but still growing😆) collection.

This is Juniperus squamata ‘Blue Star’, tree was collected last year in January as a part of garden clearance. Happily tree had very dense and fairly small rootball with only few thick roots which was cut back after collection. Tree was potted to plastic container with very open soil mix (pumice/cat litter/composted pine bark). In summer tree shown signs of active root system and started grow very rapidly. I decided to cut back some unnecessary branches and pinching new shoots on certain areas

In October I wired the tree and shaped branches.

Few days ago I decided to move tree from awful plastic container to something smaller and better looking. I didn’t cut any roots, original rootball perfectly fit into bonsai bowl.

Future plans… maybe I’ll graft different variety or go for more dramatic shape

After collection

Tree in training container


After cut back

First wiring

Tree in “new home”


Thanks for posting. Look forward to seeing the progress.

Nice start Mateusz! It looks like the front you chose does a good job displaying the best curves in the trunk.