Urban Yamadori - reducing follage

(Mike Cole) #1

Good morning.
We captured two large junipers from the landscape this week and are looking for guidance regarding foliage reduction. Some say to reduce foliage relative to a reduction in root mass to prevent burden on the roots. Some say keep as much foliage as possible to prevent stress and maximize energy.
Originally the trees were 7 ft tall with a spread of 8 ft. Root ball reduced to fit a 22"x22"x9" grow box. The box has a fully screened bottom with several holes in each side to promote drainage and airflow. Medium is 100% 1/2" pumice.
Day one, double dose of Superthrive.
Day two, 10% foliage reduction.
Day three, additional 15% reduction.
Misting hourly.
So the question is…have we reduced too much/too soon or should we reduce more, and if so, how much and how frequently?
I would be happy to post pics if someone could advise how to and what is suggested file size.
Thanks, Mike

(Jonas Dupuich) #2

Here’s some info about posting images to the forum:

(Jonas Dupuich) #3

Fun tree. Based on the photo, I’d want to keep the remaining foliage and watch the water carefully.

I’ve heard different schools of thought regarding whether or not to remove foliage when collecting but haven’t studied the different approaches. The next time I collect, I plan to keep all of the foliage and see how the tree does.