Urban yamadori “weeds”...pine and juniper/cedar?

Hello all,

Took a hike this afternoon around at a local closed country club golf course up in the East bay hills with my wife and 9-yr old daughter. We really needed to get some fresh air and exercise during this shelter-in-place situation here in the San Francisco Bay Area. In a weedy border area just off the golf course between a long fairway and the public road I found a small pine and a few juniper seedlings. I’m fairly certain the pine is a pine as it was at the base of a huge 60’ pine (and I have a few pine seedlings already so I recognize that) but right next to that seedling were a few juniper seedlings, or what looks like junipers (or cedars?). All three of those look the same type. They were all right where people walk and a couple were damaged from likely being stepped on. They were in amongst many weeds right next to the road median so I didn’t feel bad about digging them up. Random weeds in the true sense.

Anyway, photos below. Can anyone confirm if these are junipers? Or cedars? There were some tall cedars and juniper bushes nearby but way on the other side of the fairway of this hole, at least 100 yards or so away from where I found these. Hope to keep them growing and make them into bonsai eventually. My first yamadori…I guess!

The pine:

The three juniper/cedars:

Some foliage close ups of the juniper/cedar types:

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Hi there,

I’d guess that the first one is a pine and the rest are junipers from the look of it. I don’t think there are any cedars among those – cedar needles are quite different as they are smaller than pine, but larger than juniper needles and tens to grow in “bunches” (I lack a better word to describe it).
Best of luck with them!

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One Pine and some needle Junipers on the basis of the pictures!
good luck.

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The former is likely Monterey pine. The latter looks like juniper but I can’t imagine what juniper that would be so my guess is Monterey cypress. You’ll have a better idea about both of them as they start to produce mature foliage.

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Thanks Jonas. I’ll update this thread as they grow and mature. I gotta stop seeing bonsai in every tree I see on my walks! Haha.

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