Using grafted nursery material for bonsai

Hi all.

I’ve been looking at getting some young seedlings to grow in to bonsai. But the interesting species I wanna try are grafted. Is there any downsides to this? Other than the scaring? Unsure why they have been grafted or on what stock.

Thanks for your replies :blush:

“Interesting” species are often grafted as they commonly grow better on different root stock. Grafts low on the trunk can result in unsightly transitions. That said, if you like the cultivar, it could be worth giving it a try.

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Thanks Jonas. Yes I was thinking that would be the main issue. My plan was to maybe shaping them and growing them thicker and then airlayering them into smaller trees above the graft scar?

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That can work, but it depends on the species. Some species don’t layer well, and some don’t grow well on their own roots.

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