Very New to board and Bonsai

Very New to Bonsai. I have a couple of juniper’s from nursery stock and a boxwood and Chinese Elm. I received these JBP from a friend that another friend grew from seed. They were planted 7 years ago. I do not know what to do with them or how to style. Suggestions. Am located in Dallas TX.


Hi Scott! The pines look like fun. November through February is a good time to work on pines in your area, and you also have a great bonsai club in town:

Taking the tree to a workshop could be helpful you could get ideas about what kind of work the tree will need throughout the year.

As for the work itself, it looks like you can prune and wire the tree this fall or winter and then repot the tree at the end of winter. Because the trees are relatively tall compared with the size of the trunks, I’d look to reduce the size of the trees and then add wires to help you create a design that makes sense for the multiple trees in the group.

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Since there are 7 separate trees (4 larger and 3 smaller) I was not sure if I should separate all and repot all 7 or keep them in the container. Am not sure how long they have been in this pot or what the root system is like. It’s probably too late this year to separate them??

It may be possible to separate them when you repot in spring. It’s your choice whether you want to train them as a clump or if you want to work with individual trees - both are good options.