Watering issue or autumn shedding Chinese elm

Hi all I acquired this little Chinese elm earlier this year so I have no experience with it. It’s leaves have started yellowing but my other trees have shedded all of their leaves by now. Also I had a little liverwort on the soil and the bark near the soil seems wet. I haven’t watered it for about two weeks and been keeping it in my cool green house for last two weeks as it was raining a lot. I’m unsure wether the yellowing is due to watering or the season?

Thank in advance for replying :blush:

Chinese elm can handle cold well so they don’t always turn color or drop leaves with other species. If the leaves persist, I usually remove them in mid- to late December.


Okay. Thanks jonas! I’ll do that then. Just to be sure you don’t suspect this to be from bad watering? And is there a way to tell the difference? Is the moist bark an issue?

Leaves gently fading to yellow is typical of fall color. Brown tips is more of a sign of too wet or too dry.

The lack of spots or discoloration makes the tree look healthy to me!

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