Weeping Prunus Mume / Ume... Needs to be Staked Up for Height?

I ordered a 1gal sapling of a weeping prunus mume, WB Clarke.
Goal is to make a niwaki/garden-tree from it… maybe 6-10’ tall.

Does it need to be staked-up for it to grow tall? (ie: new apex leaders/branches occasionally staked or wired upwards)

Or, do they grow tall on their own? (ie: doesn’t have a super prostrate habit)

Of course, I know they’ll have weeping branches and weeping growth habit… just not sure if the trunk/leader/apex will have a tendency to grow upright or weep, and not sure how prostrate or non-prostrate it is.

During my Japan trips, I saw very very tall weeping Umes, maybe 15-25’… unsure if those were staked up, or just grew tall naturally.

I also have small/young Red Dragon weeping acer palmatum dissectums… around 2’ tall atm and maybe 5-8yo. Same questions for this one… but, I already assume this has a very prostrate, ground-hugging habit, by my study of it during the last 2-3 years of owning it (ie: it never grow taller, only grows wider)… every year, I look for a good, new, potential leader/apex branch, and then wire the weeping branch upward to grow more height (because the Red Dragon seems super low growing and prostrate).

But, anyways, just unsure if the weeping ume is more or less as prostrate as this Red Dragon and needs (or doesn’t need) to be wired/staked up.

I know some weeping trees grow very very tall on their own (no staking required), despite having weeping branches (fern podocarpus, etc.). So, maybe the weeping ume is more like this? …and maybe less prostrate than ground-huggers like the Red Dragon?

I’ve only worked with bonsai that didn’t get too big so I don’t know what these cultivars will do in the landscape, but it sounds like a great plan to stake up any growth that you need to get the height you’re looking to develop.

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