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Ask Bonsai Tonight is a community of bonsai enthusiasts engaged in positive discussions about the care and display of bonsai around the world.

Discussions are public by default - dive in by selecting a topic below. Read, respond, post your own questions or simply enjoy the photos.

The layout is simple - you can post Questions, Shares, or News & Events.

Questions can be of any kind:

  • Where can I find a good bonsai nursery near me?
  • How do I style this princess persimmon?
  • What’s eating my bonsai?

Be sure to include details about your climate and as many details - and photos - as possible to help members provide great answers to your questions.

The Shares category is there for you to share something bonsai related with a friendly community.

  • I found a great book about carving deadwood…
  • Spent the day wiring this juniper, here’s the result!
  • Here are some photos from a great exhibit I visited today

News & Events gives you the opportunity to promote your bonsai event. To learn more about posting here, see the category guidelines.

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