What is the best root stimulator for new collected trees?

(Yaroslav) #1

Hi. I was interested in whether I can stimulate rapid root growth on new collected trees. Many of them have few roots and, as a rule, they don’t recover so quickly. Studying various articles, I came across a product called Rhizotonic. But as it turned out, there are many opposite opinions about the effectiveness of Rhizotonic. Many say that this is a placebo effect, but for example, Harry Harrington says that Rhizotonic is effective, showing a lot of roots on the trunk (!) of maple and hawthorn. Maybe it’s just an advertisement. Does anyone have any real experience using Rhizotonic? Is he a stimulant of rooting or is it more like a Superthrive? Maybe someone knows a really effective means to rooting stimulate?

(mac4) #2

I have found that a seed starting heat mat to be a great way to get roots going on collected material. They are inexpensive, look on Amazon and eBay. Search for “seed starting heat mat”. They come in different sizes, big enough for one pot or multi pots. You just plug it in to an electrical outlet, set the tree in a pot on the mat. I usually make a collar of foil covered bubble wrap to go around the pot to hold the heat in. I set them on a sheet of 1" thick foam board so the heat doesn’t go into the surface the mat is sitting on. I have dug trees in November, put them on a seed starting mat and kept them outside all winter with no ill effect and lots of roots come spring.

(Frank Corrigan) #3

I have found the best root stimulator to be pumice. Putting the collected tree in pumice that has been served to similar particle size provides the roots with an ideal mix of air and moisture to promote root growth. Additionally i pay particular attention to retain foliage for photosynthesis and humidity to prevent moisture loss due to loss of roots during collection. The addition of a heat mat is an excellent choice.

(Darth Masiah) #4

I’ve been wanting to try Tribus Original but they’re a little expensive. it looks like it would help the root zone out even more than Rhizotonic, which I’ve used and it didn’t seem to help anything. I used Recharge last year and it seemed to help out with growth. whereas Recharge has like a million bicillus, Tribus has a billion. that’s why i figured it would help out more.

(Frank Corrigan) #5

Here is a sample of the result of using just pumice on a collected tree. The tree is a sub alpine fir.

(Jonas Dupuich) #6

I haven’t used products designed to stimulate root growth on collected trees, but I have used pumice and heat mats and find that both can be useful.