What Should I Do - JBP Shohin

(JR Dill) #1

This Japanese Black Pine was re-potted and wired with Jonas back in January and I have done nothing with it since. I know decandling time is here and I am wondering if I should with this tree? It’s been through a successful re-pot and is growing well, I’m just not sure if I should decandle with so little needles.


(Jonas Dupuich) #2

If you have any reason to believe the tree is on the weak side, or if you didn’t fertilize much yet this year, I’d hold off on decandling.

That said, I could go either way. Waiting until next year will help the tree gain strength, and decandling now will help with the ramification.

If you’re coming to the workshop at Timeless Trees next month, I’d be happy to take a look as there will still be time to decandle then.

(JR Dill) #3

I did a liquid fertilizer at the end of April, then put down fertilizer cakes a couple of weeks ago, so not too much on that end.

It may need to gain more strength as the trunk has a nice sized reverse taper unfortunately.

I am hoping to make it out to the workshop next month. If I do I will definitely bring this guy with me.