What to do with discoloration of juniper


I have a juniper tree that is looking mostly healthy. Every few weeks however, I seem to lose a few branches which turn yellowish. I lost most of my top canopy due to this. I’m not sure what to do. Currently I prune the branches off just in case it might be a disease and would spread. I think I’m watering OK but I’m very new to all of this :slight_smile:. Also I fertilise once every 2 weeks with a diluted fertiliser.

The tree is still developing a lot of new growth. When I got it 2 months ago it was one of the weaker specimen. Could it be that the root system is not yet powerful enough to handle all this and favours new growth instead of old? It’s only occurring to older branches. It’s currently not yet in Bonsai soil. I’m waiting for a more appropriate time to repot.


I’d guess physical damage may be the culprit, especially if the tree was wired within the past two months. Spring is the easiest time to damage juniper branches during wiring and it’s a common cause of single branch loss.

If this is the case, I wouldn’t expect many more branches to die back this summer. If the dieback continues and a larger section of the tree is suffering, I’d suspect unhappy roots, in which case I’d consider repotting in late summer.


It could be the wiring. I will keep a close eye out for that. It was wired April 30th I think.

Will let the tree rest for a few weeks and evaluate then.


I think I have the same problem with the left branch, my juniper was wired on April 15th, I’m going to remove the wire to avoid this.

Jonas, in your experience which is the best season to wire a juniper?


It’s best to avoid wiring when junipers when they are growing quickly, and they tend to grow fastest in spring. The dormant season is good for wiring, as is summer.

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