What to do with this creeper?

(Eric) #1

I have this creeping blue juniper in my backyard landscape. My wife wants to remove it. So I would like to Bonsai it but there is so many little shoots I don’t know how to style it.
the branch circled in red is about 4 feet long, so maybe a cascading style? but it looks like it gets narrow towards the base… anyone have a vision on what the future holds for this guy?

(Jonas Dupuich) #2

The reverse taper on the circled branch makes it a difficult choice for a leader. I can best picture a fairly compact tree with lots of deadwood, mostly short jins.

(Eric) #3

Do you think the reverse tapered branch could be air layered to get roots of its own? I hate to toss that branch… its the best part of the whole thing , so far.

(Jonas Dupuich) #4

The reverse taper branch could be air-layered or root grafts could be applied. This could be done before or after collecting. If there is a lot of good movement or twists that we can’t see in the photo, it could be worth keeping.

The main thing to look for in junipers is good movement in the trunk line, lots of twists and interesting deadwood, preferable old deadwood.

(Eric) #5

ha, so basically this one is to young and boring haha