When should I repot my Japanese black pine?

Hi all! My Japanese black pine is coming up to about one year old now and I’ve only repotted it once, from its origional biodegradable pot into a slightly bigger nursey pot (the one it is in in the pictures). I’ve heard with Japanese black pines that it is best to try and pot them into their permanent pot as soon as possible, but I’m unsure whether it is still too small to be repotted into such a big pot!
I’d love you know what you would all recommend, should I repot it into its permanent bonsai pot, repot it into a slightly bigger nursery pot or leave it in the pot it’s in?
Any advice would be greatly appreciated,
Many thanks,
Emily :blush:

Hi Emily. It depends on what your intentions are. In any case, it needs to grow. How big is up to you. Leave it in the current pot till it gets to the size you want and then repot into a training pot. Again, the size of the pot will determine the size of the tree. This could take 3 to 5 years or more if you want a trunk of any size. Want a larger trunk? Plant it outside in the ground after it’s gotten larger, then water, fertilize regularly and let it grow. I hope this helps, but the subject is a lot more complex and would take too much time to explain further. In the meantime, water and fertilize it and let it alone to grow (outside) and find some good material on the subject (lots of stuff on the internet, i.e. You tube). Good luck.

I would leave the seedling in the current pot for one more growing season perhaps two depending on progress. A larger pot at this time is of little benefit. I am judging the current pot to be approximately 7-10 cm in radius. 3 to 4inch across the top. I hope you realize that it should be outside for proper growth. I assume it is inside for picture taking or because the seed was started indoors.
Try to keep it in full sun with regular watering and fertilizer applied during the growing season. For younger plants, lighter application of fertilizer and more frequently is better. Pines do not do well if soil is kept to wet, so be careful to water thoroughly but allow to dry out a bit between watering! This will be very dependant on the type of bonsai soil used in the pot. Types that allow faster drainage and better aeration to the roots are great for pines. Avoid types that hold too much water and drain slowly!