When to cut JBP branches

(Gilad Sivan ) #1

Hi Jonas ,
I have young JBP growing in a colander, half bare rooted a year ago . I decandle this summer some of the stronger branches and it budded nicely. I’d like to ‘chase ‘ the foliage back on the branches and develop a smaller tree from the bottom branches . When is a good season to do so ? I live in northern Virginia . The pics are not very updated, sorry

(Jonas Dupuich) #2

Great to hear from you Gilad! The tree looks good. The best times for cutback are decandling time, usually June and July, and fall. The reason for cutting back earlier in the growing season is to give the new buds a chance to mature before winter.

That said, summer can be a good time for moderate cutback or for reducing sacrifice branches. The big question is where you’d like to cut. If you have the new leader selected, it could be good to reduce the foliage on the current leader to start encouraging the new leader to gain vigor.

Another good reason to cut is to encourage growth that’s closer to the trunk. If you can shorten some lateral branches, now is an OK time to do so.

(Gilad Sivan ) #3

I’d like to cut back branches to inner candles (foliage’s) to drivebthe growth back . I’m just not certain the inner growth is sufficient to carry the growth of the branches. I’ll snap pics later on. I’ll keep the sacrifice (the main trunk on this tree: I’m intense ding to develop lower branches as leader )

(Jonas Dupuich) #4

if you’re worried about making the big cut all at once, you can shorten the current leader now and remove the rest of it in fall or early spring.