When to do the deed? Trunk-choping

So the question is when can I trunk-chop? Is the timing the same as repotting? Mainly interested in the timing for G. Biloba, Acers and P. Thunbergii

I tend to make larger cuts when the tree is growing so it can begin healing. Exactly how and when - and where - is determined by the specifics of the desired result.

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I’m thinking of something like this:
It’s not about removing a sacrificebranch but to build a trunk

I wasn’t happy with the result so I gave all of the maples away. It’s possible that with a lot of care and a lot of growth that I could have made something from the trees, but making big cuts on maples is generally not a great way to develop them.

Some of the problems:

  • scars large and may not heal
  • change in taper not always natural
  • lower part of trunk is too straight
  • planting at angle difficult because roots emerged at right angles