When to repot California buckeye?

Hi all - I acquired a little buckeye this spring (aesculus californicus) and was wondering when to repot - since it lost all its leaves back in July I’m starting to think it may start pushing buds soon. Buckeye is on its own personal schedule, lol. Should I wait until the buds start showing green or be more proactive? From the size of the buds I won’t have much of a window once they start pushing - I have a feeling its going to explode in new growth quickly. It’s being potted up so I’m not doing any root pruning this year.

The main reason to wait would be in case you expect temperatures below 28 this winter. If not, it’s just a matter of timing it to repot just before it starts growing. The best way to do this is to pay attention from year to year when the tree opens up. If it’s a new tree or the weather is weird this can throw things off.

If your winter is mild and the tree is still dormant by the end of the year, I’d likely repot then.

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