When to start feeding after transplanting Maples

I recently transplanted a lot of older Japanese Maples ,they are all budding or leafing out ,when can I start 0-10-010 feeding in the central coast of Ca.

Central Coast of CA hu? I’m in Nipomo, CA. When to start feeding depends on what you are trying to achieve during that year. Say if you are growing a tree out to thicken branches or thicken the trunk. Then I would have started feeding in Feb and heavily. However if the goal is refinement and you are in the stages of developing fine branching then you generally don’t feed until the leaves harden off and you are feeding alot less. I’d also recommend using organic fertilizer if the goal is refinement. If you are just growing stock out, then chemical is fine. Also, i’m not 100% sure about the ratios above, but you will want Nitrogen in the mix. Good luck!


Thanks for the good Bonsai Maple advice ,I will need that after I get off of page one “keeping them alive " . I am good with Bonsai experance in general but I have only worked on Trident Bonsai & none of them ever needed the heavy root trimming these did ,so I never have faced this particlur problum , These are VERY crowded in their pots ,not having been root trimmed for a LONG time .So maybe my question needed to be ,” how does re-potting " with heavy trimming of roots effect Maples in general , when & what do they need to be feed to avoid damage in general & especialy burning the roots.???

I think Organic fert is a better option then Chemical. It’s very difficult to burn leaves when using organic fert. I’d avoid any type of poop. My teacher told me not to use that shit;) You can make cakes, or put it in tea bags. Wait to feed 3-4 weeks after transplanting. Fish Emulsion is good to use in addition to the cakes. good luck!