Which soils for what trees?

Hi Jonas and everyone!

Which soils do you recommend for conifers - particularly junipers? What do you recommend for evergreen shrubs like chinese boxwoods? And what about deciduous trees?

Thanks very much!

Hi Roland! One of the most popular mixes is good for all bonsai in early or middle stages of development:

1 part akadama
1 part pumice
1 part scoria (lava rock)

For more mature trees I’ll use more akadama. For azaleas I use 100% kanuma.

Lava rock and pumice are fairly interchangeable in a mix. If you only have one and not the other that can work too.

The above approach works for broadleaf evergreens too.


Thanks Jonas! I see you carry Clay King 60% akadama. I will try that for some junipers and boxwoods I need to repot soon.