"Whirled" growth on young JBP?

I have several young JBP ranging from 2-4 years old. Currently, they are just container trees for future bonsai. I have only fertilized thus far, wired some, but no pruning or decandle until they reach desired trunk thickness. My current understanding is to leave as much foliar mass as possible until a trunk becomes visible then, insert Jonas approach :wink:
On most, there are 1-3 sets of multiple branches deriving from the same spot, as I forecast as future “whirled” growth areas. None of which are currently an issue however, in an effort to avoid this problem in the future, when should remove branches?

This sounds like a good start - can you upload a photo or two of the trees you have questions about?

I typically leave no more than three main branches at each intersection when the trees are young, but I’m OK leaving the really tiny branches wherever they appear as they can be useful later.

The main thing to keep in mind is to identify which section of the tree will form the future trunk and which bits will be sacrificed as the technique is a bit different for each.