White roots coming through topsoil

Hi everyone i was checking the roots of my chinese elm by sneaking it out the pot. (i’m unsure how bad that is for the tree however it slips right out) and i found these bigger new white roots coming out. however i realized they where also appearing from the top of the soil which made me wonder if that is normal? they seem quite a lot bigger than the other roots aswell?

That can easily happen if the surface is kept damp and covered with litter or moss. Not as likely if the tree is repotted regular;arily and the roots are combed out when repotting. Then there is more control over the direction of growth.

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Thanks frank. Now that I think about it actually had started growing up where the pile of fertiliser was. Should I just snips this riots of? Or I guess they will just die off? Secondly is this a bad sign or good sign of anything?

I see no reason to be concerned. You can cut the exposed roots.