White Substance on JBP

(Lloyd Christiansen) #1

While decandling my 3 JBPs yesterday I noted they all had a fluffy white material around the interior branches. See photo… It washed off easily after the process.

Any advice on what this is and if it is something to be concerned about?


(Jonas Dupuich) #2

Are the trees in the full sun? Also curious how and how often they’re watered.

If there are no signs of insects, I’d guess it’s a fungus. I’d wash it off and watch for whether or not it comes back. I’d also decrease the overhead watering in case it’s been staying too wet.

(Lloyd Christiansen) #3

Thanks Jonas.

Yes, full sun and watering every day. Some overhead but not
consistently. For now it is gone and I’ll keep a watchful eye if it returns.