Why wear gloves?

Jonas, I was wondering why you wear gloves when working on the trees.

I usually wear gloves when I repot as working with akadama everyday during repotting season takes its toll on my skin. There are no safety concerns that I’m aware of. I don’t recommend gloves for any other bonsai work.

That makes sense. I only wear gloves when working with needle junipers. Ouch!

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I do not wear gloves but what dod before any work whether its working in the shop or garden I place dawn soap and work it in my hands. This gets into then pores at the same time puts a protective clothing on my hands. Then finished All I do is put my hands under water to activate the dawn soap for washing.

I also wear nitril gloves when working on junipers to avoid getting stuck by the little needles. I also wear them when working on Ficus trees. I am allergic to the sap. If I touch my face even slightly my eyes will swell shut. I was warned by a local nursery that I could get severe eye damage because I react so severely to the sap. I have since been avoiding Ficus.

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I wear gloves when working with soil.

Actually I also wear gloves when working on my poison ivy bonsai. A friend of mine had a beautiful little poison oak bonsai, so I thought that I would start one too. But I could only find poison ivy. Don’t know if I can thicken the trunk enough, but I’m working on it. (3 yrs old now).