Winter Fertilizer

(Bill Daniels) #1

Good Morning; With Autumn just around the corner I’m starting to reduce my fertilizer schedule. I use a liquid 3-12-6 for my winter fertilizer. The high number in phosphate [12] will help in developing healthy root system.

Now my question: With the fertilizer having a high phosphate count for the winter months – How much does it help with the root zone better yet how much does it help the root zone to prepare for root pruning in the spring if you are repotting your bonsai ?

(Jonas Dupuich) #2

Good question - I don’t use fertilizer with high phosphate so I don’t have experience with it. The fertilizers I used are usually fairly balanced with a bit more N than P and K.

(Mr O F Claffey) #3

I’m not long at bonsai, but was told don’t fertilise from October to January. It allows the trees to get a rest period.

(clive bennett) #4

Conifers appreciate small feeds in winter , others are dormant and do not need it