Winter hardy Tropical


To sleep or not to sleep?
Do all tree trees that will go dormant benefit from the rest?
Here is a (musk maple / Japanese neem tree/ premna microphyla ) hardy zone 8-11.
I purchased this tree in July here in SC zone 7 where the sellar has had the tree in a compact soil mix outdoors over winter for years. I repotted it in a boon mix and could not resist to style it abit. The tree grew okay after that.
The issue is it was the first to drop most of its leaves. Im assuming the more open mix let the roots cool faster than the old mix. I’m not sure if I fertilized enough this year.
Would it be safer to let the tree go dormant and protect it from the extreme temps?
Or bring it in and treat it like normal tropical over the winter?
Thanks again


(Jonas Dupuich) #3

I’d love to hear from people who’ve tried it both ways. Short of that, I’d try to reproduce the tree’s natural winters as best as possible.