Wood hardener to repair decay in deadwood

(Mike Cole) #1

i have a collected Ponderosa that has serious decay at the base. it was caused by the tree remaining in crud native soil for many years after collection. I have treated the area with lime sulfur for many years but the decay continues. Has anyone had positive results using Minwax Wood Preservative?

(Jonas Dupuich) #2

I haven’t used the Minwax product, but I’ve used the PC Petrifier.

In general, I’ve found it hard to preserve wood that’s already soft. When possible I’ll remove the punky wood and soak the good wood with preservative, but even then it’s easy to create a hard shell beyond which the wood below will continue to soften when there’s rot in the area.

(Frank Corrigan) #3

My experience has also been with PC-petrifier.
I have not tried the Minwax product. I agree the difficulty is stopping any portion that remains in ground.

(Les Lonsdale) #4

I have used the Minwax product extensively, but mainly on fragile jin that I want to harden. Use the lime sulfur BEFORE using the wood hardener, as afterwards the lime sulfur will not soak in. the wood hardener forms an acrylic layer. Beware of using too much as it will dry shiny and look like plastic.

(Frank Corrigan) #5

Useful tip and a good reminder for those using products that close off the cell structure.

(Mike Cole) #6

thanks to all for your input. I have decided to us PC Petrifier given that it is water based.
will dilute 50% and apply multiple times [after diluted lime sulfur is applied. will post results downline.

(Mike ) #7

I have used the two part repair epoxy for wooden boats. I get mine at a marine store,'West Marine". You wet the dry wood and the hardner will soak in. Doesn’t take much.

It obviously waterproofs the wood and prevents decay from moisture at or below soil level or anywhere moisture is decaying the deadwood.