Wooden boxes for Yamadori

Hallo,its early winter here in South Africa and are preparing wooden boxes for some yamadori pines that I’m going to collect in late winter to early spring.When I started building the wooden boxes I was wondering if the wood can be treated with something to protect it or must it be left like it is?

I have been building wood boxes for collected trees for years. My advice would not to bother. My experience is topical treatments are not very effective anyway plus usually “preservatives” mean chemicals that are unhealthy for living things like fungus–thus not good for healthy soil. I do use rot resistant cedar or redwood which is mostly non-toxic but not pressure treated wood. So I would blow any treatment off and screw them together well.

I use Cedar or Redwood. I do not apply any treatment to the wood. Both of these woods naturally age and maintain strength for a few years. I have some boxes that are five years old. What does seem to deteriorate a wooden box is moss growing on the wood. It you get moss…clean it off. I screw my boxes together with long deck screws. Works well for me. For the bottoms I’ve used both Cedar wood and treated wood. In another post someone mentioned the use of gutter guard for the bottom. I believe it would work well. I had not considered that one. Next boxes will have gutter guard bottoms. Seems like a good method of good drainage ability to try.

Likely not needed, but I have considered using a beeswax finish. I use it often in woodworking.

As I understand ,S.A.s climate & termite prob you will loose ANY wood boxes sooner than you will wont ,but using Chemicals is VERY detrimental to Bonsai so just plan on replacing the boxes ,possibly when you are ready to root trim ,Smile do bonsai don’t sweat the small s— that has no reasonable solution ,All Best Tim

Thanks for all the reply’s it will help a lot.

John mentioned using gutter guard for screening on bottom.
You may also try “soffit screen”. it generally comes in 12" width.

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